Address: 1338 Wisconsin Ave. NW

Stay away from this place, unless you want to get stung by a WASP. Then again, you'll probably never step inside anyway, because you'll never be invited. You see, Smith Point has a "list." Both Bush daughters were on the list, along with other members of the invite-only collective Late Night Shots, a group of privileged dickheads masquerading as a social networking site. Old Money, new era, same problems.

The group was the center of a City Paper piece about five years ago that provided the sordid details of how the sickeningly entitled live. The only day of the week that you can get in without being a member, knowing somebody, or knowing somebody that knows somebody is Thursday, when the fundraisers go down. The stanky rich often use their connections to generate money for charity. Because they care so much.

Status-concerned social climbers live for this place, as it's a world where who you know, what you do, and where you play golf means everything. This is the type of place where the Token Black Guy will let a group of Chads drop the n-bomb right in front of him and not say anything. Just to be accepted. No country for that shit.