Check Dreama Walker out—there’s no doubt about it, she’s gorgeous. And in Craig Zobel’s controversial flick Compliance, she plays Becky, a seemingly promiscuous high school girl collecting checks at a fast food joint; she’s the kind of girl the jocks get to hook up with while the nerds are left to fantasize.

So the thought of watching her disrobe should be a teenage boy’s dream come true. Except, in Compliance, it’s against her will, the byproduct of a prank caller (Pat Healy) phoning into the restaurant, pretending to be a cop, and telling Becky’s boss (Ann Dowd) that she stole a customer’s money. And it’s not hot—it’s vile.

Especially when the caller manipulates people to physically violate the naked Becky, in increasingly despicable ways. Compliance, in the end, is a bleak, disheartening examination of a person’s fear of authority and momentary lapses of reason, but Becky’s the most damaged of all its victims.