Clueful was a pretty handy iOS app, but it had a short run in the Apple App Store. Debuting this past May, the mobile app was removed by Apple in just a month. Clueful helped you monitor iOS apps downloaded on your device. It notified the user what apps did with your data, if your location was being tracked, and even if an app would access your address book. 

While in the App Store, Clueful sold for $3.99. The app has relaunched online for free and provides the same useful information on over 100,000 apps. Clueful developer Bitdefender can not disclose why the app was removed from the App Store but mentioned that Bitdefender "continues to work with Apple."

Interested in finding out what your apps are accessing in the background? Check out the free Clueful web app here.

[via CNET]

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