In Florida, even the police are ratchet. Leila Tarantino was pulled over last July for allegedly rolling through a stop sign. She says she was forced to wait in the back of a squad car for two hours until backup arrived, then strip searched at gunpoint on the side of the road and had her tampon "forcibly" removed by a female officer right out in the open for passing drivers to see. Worse, her children witnessed it all. Now, Tarantino is suing.

The Citrus County Sheriff's Department claims they were looking for drugs, but no drug-sniffing dogs were present during the incident. Worse, their policy and procedure manual says nothing about when it's legal to perform a strip search. By the way, no drugs were found either.

Tarantino's attorneys say she was "unreasonably searched and subjected to intrusive, substantial and unwarranted invasions of privacy." She's now seeking monetary damages. 

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[via The Huffington Post]