Two brothers—Johnathan Zapata, 24 and Jose Zapata, 26—were arrested after allegedly causing a disturbance during a Boca Raton, FL, screening of The Expendables 2. According to police, the Zapata brothers were talking during the film and taking flash photography, but the fun and games stopped when the cops broke out the Taser. 

A security guard and police officer reportedly told the brothers to leave the theater following complaints, to which the brothers allegedly responded "fuck off." Things got more intense when the officer identified himself, and Jonathan Zapata called him a "cracker motherfucking pig." 

When Zapata refused to stand down, the officer zapped him with the Taser. Jose Zapata was allegedly filming it all with his phone, but the officer says he was shining the light in his eyes, interfering. He would later be arrested in the lobby.

Both brothers were charged with trespassing, but the younger Zapata says he couldn't have created the ruckus because he had passed out drunk during the film. The elder Zapata hopes the video will clear both of their names, but, of course, police have confiscated the video.

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[via NY Daily News]