Watch this trailer, and check out the Crash Site game mode. Crash Site mode was in Crysis 2, but it's a welcome addition to the third installment. It's still basically king of the hill, but I'm cool with that. 

As long as you're cool with that, the folks over at Joystiq have this to say, "Two teams – 6v6 on console, 8v8 on PC – chase down and defend "pods," accruing points for standing near one. After a certain amount of time, the pod explodes, another is deployed elsewhere on the map and the cycle repeats. The pods themselves house two portable shields that aid in defense, and there's also the Pinger, a massive controllable mech that can help in either assaulting or defending the pod. Beyond that, however, the mode is pretty standard."

Gimme me my nano-suit and my bow, cause I'm about to sneak up on some chumps.