Looks like they may have been on to something in Hall Pass.

An Applebee's near you may be on its way to becoming the douchiest bar in your city, or the most fun one, depending on your taste and sense of humor. Apparently, branches of the restaurant (most commonly in Florida) are transforming from family restaurant to "Club Applebee's" from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., complete with body shots, red cups, and dudes swagged-the-fuck-out in white fitteds. 

While Club Applebee's is not part of the typical brand strategy, there is a website directing you to the nearest location offering ratchet nightlife. According to Brian Masilionis, Senior VP of Beverages, there are about 100 Applebee's restaurants that turn into nightclubs after dark.

Click through to revel in the madness, red cups and all.

[via Business Insider]