First Appeared: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Douglas Adams (1980)
Notable Patrons: Time Travellers, Hitchhikers, Paranoid Androids
Signature Drink: Gee-N-NT'N-ix, Jinond-o-nicks, Jynnantonnyx, or any one of a thousand variations on the same phonetic theme

We thought the restaurants in SoHo were exclusive, but even the most elite spots can't hold a candle to Milliway's. You see, the only ways to get in are a) time travel and b) extreme patience, both of which are hard for New Yorkers. The wait is worth it, however, as the sick-ass view offers a glimpse of the end of the universe. The spot's also low-cost, as all you have to do is deposit one penny in the bank when you return to your time of origin, due to the mad interest you will accrue in the interim.