The term "stupid rich" takes on new meaning with CMT's Bayou Millionaries, which finds a humble Louisiana family in the fortunate position of living on the fourth largest gas deposit in the United States, sitting on an almost literal gold mine.

New money in the truest sense, the Dowdens of Shreveport are nothing like any family that you've seen on Bravo's Real Housewives. In fact, they're closer to the iconic redneck family from The Beverly Hillbillies, camped out in their original home despite earning a monthly five-figure paycheck for simply allowing the gas to be pumped out from underneath them.

Watching the Dowdens acclimate to their newfound wealth is quite entertaining, particularly because their financial common sense seems severely lacking. In one episode, the family advertises their yard sale on television, and, afterwards, sheepishly admits the cost of the ad easily outweighed their profit. On another, we see them uneasily attempting to fit in at a country club, trying their hand at tennis and golf for the first time, to no success.

As the saying goes, "Money can't by class," or, apparently, common sense.