In a recent interview with The Independent, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata detailed what he considers Nintendo's strengths and revealed why they don't focus on online games or Call of Duty-like experiences.

“The strength of Nintendo is definitely creating game experiences for people who can play in the same room together and enjoy them together," he said. "I think this is the strength we are coming from and if you look at our games and how they’re structured; this is the starting point (for our games).

“But we also have titles like Mario Kart that are heavily reliant on online and support online multiplayer. But you shouldn’t be expecting Call of Duty-like games to be offered from Nintendo. For that type of game my belief is that, if there are companies out there who can do this very well, then instead of us try to do it this, or to compete with them, it would be better to have them do it on our platforms, so to invite them and to support them to offer this kind of entertainment on our platform.

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[via My Nintendo News via reddit]