If Best Buy and other big-box brick-and-mortar retailers thought Amazon's ridiculously low prices were running them out of business, they won't like the new report from the Financial Times that suggests Jeff Bezos' company is working on a same-delivery method. 

The reason you're able to buy products so cheap from Amazon.com is because for the past 18-years, the Seattle-based company sets up its distribution centers in states that do not collect sales tax. However, FT is reporting that Amazon is bucking that trend and planning on opening distribution centers all across the U.S. Even is states that collect sales tax. The reason? Same-day deliveries. 

Having more distribution centers around the country would allow Amazon to fine-tune its next-day delivery service as well as provide the option of same-day deliveries to customers. The move would undoubtedly hurt physical retail chains and alter the shopping landscape. However, the expedited shipping would come at a cost to consumers as products would no longer be cheaper than ones in stores. 

[via CNN