The Android-based, "hackable" console Ouya has been cause for serious discussion among gamers and pundits in recent weeks. One of the biggest knocks against the high-concept console has been its lack of software support: There hasn't been word about any game, original or port, being designed with the new brand in mind.

That changed today when Ex-Call of Duty spokesman Robert Bowling announced that his studio, Robotoki, is designing an episodic prequel to their first game, Human Element, exclusively for the new platform.

"Robotoki is the first studio to commit to building a game exclusively for Ouya: an episodic prequel that will set the stage for this eventual release of Human Element in 2015," Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman wrote on the console's Kickstarter page.

In a video message on the Kickstarter page, Robotoki designer Robert Bowling expressed excitement at the prospect of being the first developer to sign on with the console, revealing that he personally committed $10,000 to Ouya's development.

The language in the Ouya Kickstarter, both in Julie Uhrman's message Robert Bowling's video suggest that Ouya prequel will come some time before Human Element comes to mainstream consoles in 2015.

One game won't be enough to make the Ouya feel like a safe bet for most critics, but it's a huge first step for the new hardware-makers.

[Via Kickstarter]