There are certain couples who make it clear that they more or less never leave each other's side (or their computers). These are the couples continually checking in together (six times in one night...the fuck?) and have entire photo albums devoted to pics of their significant other. And the pictures are not even cool or vaguely interesting. Instead, they are shots of sugar's face from different angles, doing mundane things, e.g. "Aww, my guy on the couch."

If you're continually blowing up your friend's timeline with only boo-oriented updates, it will become painfully clear that neither of you have maintained even a shred of independence, and are so inextricably woven into one another's social networks that each subsequent two-sided check-in is only a fresh coat of paint on the glaring "Do not enter" into my social media life sign. 

If there's only room for two, why not move the entire affair to a more appropriate place, say, your bedroom?