We just received a press release containing a single image and the claim that it originated from "mysterious sources".

Clearly WB and Mad are planning to release a new Spy vs. Spy game. We seem to remember something about an iOS title planned for the summer, but we haven't heard anything in some time.

What about the cryptic code at the bottom of the image? We've got work to do, so hopefully someone else can decipher it for us. Let us know in the comments or on Twitter if you figure it out.

UPDATE: As our commenter chris with a lowercase 'c' (Thanks chris!) has pointed out, the message can be decoded as follows: "white and black spies resurface -stop- ipad -stop- iphone -stop- ipod touch -stop- online two player -stop- this summer -stop- this message will self destruct in five minutes"

So yup. It's the iOS game. Hooray for online multiplayer!

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