In an attempt to soften the box office blow it might take from The Dark Knight Rises and Total Recall, Universal Pictures is delaying the release of The Bourne Legacy by a week from August 3 to August 10, according to Deadline. This will get the film out of the way of two of its biggest competitors for at least a little while.

The site is reporting that this move has nothing to do with the recent reshoots that happened on the movie. Being that the additional filming only lasted two days, it's safe to assume it was pretty incidental. The movie will also now have an additional week of promos during the London Summer Olympics, which will air on the Universal-owned NBC family of networks. 

Fans of the Bourne franchise really shouldn't take this delay as a bad sign. Universal is simply trying to maximize the profit potential on its investment, and this isn't an indictment on the movie's quality. In fact, the site is also reporting that test screenings for the movie have gone very well, so there is a chance that the addition of Jeremy Renner might be the shot in the arm that this series needs.

[via Deadline