It only lasted a mere 14 episodes, but the live-action TV adaptation of Planet of the Apes wasted no time trivializing the classic movie series. It’s not that the show was out-and-out abysmal, it’s just that it heavily relied on formulaic plots and characters that very rarely changed from week to week.

But it wasn't only the plots and characters that took a hit; it was the budget too. The original Apes movie was so far ahead of its time in terms of makeup and special effects that it still holds up today. But that type of production budget isn’t possible on a TV show, so the look of the apes and the sets took a serious step backward from the films.

It also didn’t help that the series’ human stars, Ron Harper and James Naughton, simply couldn’t compare to Charlton Heston. Fortunately, Roddy McDowall returned as the ape Galen to salvage something here. The show still tried to retain the socially conscious leanings of the original movies, but it’s plainly obvious that Planet of the Apes was a sad way for CBS to try and retain interest in the series after the original film franchise had ended.