Comic book fans everywhere were in for a surprise when the Blade movie series became one of the most successful superhero franchises of all time; however, when the property was brought to the small screen, none of the magic from the films came along for the ride. With Sticky Fingaz filling in for the role of the Blade, the vampire hunting hlaf-vamp that was originally played to perfection by Wesley Snipes, this show never found a proper footing on Spike TV. Mr. Fingaz put in an admirable effort, but in the end we’ll always remember Snipes as our favorite IRS-avoiding vampire hunter.

There were a multitude of problems with this show. First, the visual style that Guillermo del Toro brought to Blade 2 was completely gone, as the talent behind the show had to find a way to bring Blade’s world to life on a much smaller budget. Secondly, all of the violence and bloodsucking mayhem from the films had to be significantly toned down for a much stricter set of TV standards. And worst of all, no real villains from the Marvel comics showed up to square-off against the daywalker. This was the perfect recipe for a show that disappointed fans of the movies and comics alike.