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Lindsay Lohan may have a personal driver now, but at the time she got into her unfortunate car accident, she wasn't even supposed to be behind the wheel.

According to TMZ, the actress was strictly forbidden from driving while shooting "Liz & Dick," per the insurance policy taken out by the production company behind the film.

Sources say that the insurance company was initially reluctant to provide coverage, considering the risk with having Lindsay involved and all. Remember, she's got into a host of different issues on the road, from DUIs, to accidents, to hitting people with her car. She's something of a calamity behind the wheel.

So the insurance company set certain conditions— among them, that Lindsay was not to drive— but they weren't enforced by the movie's producers, who knew she was violating the policy but let her drive anyway.

Although it hasn't happened yet, there is a slight chance the insurance company will cancel the policy.