Miley Cyrus has lost a ton of weight in recent months, and apparently it's because she's only eating about 500 calories per day. That, and she's working out three hours every day.

“Miley is obsessed with her body now that she’s engaged,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She’s been eating super-healthy, not that she needs to at all, and working out and doing yoga and toning up. We don’t want her to go overboard, but she’s just totally into her body now and wants to be — strike that — will be what she calls ‘the hottest bride you’ve ever seen.’”

Her new fiance` Liam Hemsworth is reportedly not happy about her weight loss, though.

“The ridiculous thing is, she started this regimen because she was worried Liam would fall for his [Hunger Games] co-star Jennifer Lawrence,” a source says. “She decided that the only way to keep him was to get the best body of her life.”

And now he wants her to put some weight back on. Amazing.

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