It was revealed earlier this week that Taco Bell sold over 100 million Doritos Los Tacos in just 10 weeks. In his own haphazard quest to reach 100 M’s, an Indiana corrections officer was busted while using Taco Bell wrappers to smuggle drugs into the prison that employed him. Don’t bring the work to work, homie.

Travis Wilbur was arrested at the Plainfield Correctional Facility on Wednesday as he tried to sneak weed and suboxone into the prison concealed in black electrical tape and Taco Bell wrappers. The facility reportedly got a tip that Wilbur was selling to inmates, which means an inmate probably pulled an Avon Barksdale and snitched on him to reduce his sentence.

Wilbur was charged with three felonies: marijuana possession, trafficking with an inmate and selling controlled substances. See, C.O.’s can be dirty, but Oz taught us that years ago.

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[via The Huffington Post]

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