Toy with anyone's emotions excessively—especially when it comes to marriage—and they're liable to snap on you. However, their anger might not be justified if they’re trying to get hitched just to get a new Visa. Somebody tell that to Nikoleta Karoly of East Naples, Fla., who’s been accused of choking her boyfriend out after he refused to marry her so she could get a new Visa.

Karoly’s boyfriend told police that she had been getting very violent with him of late, especially after he refused to get married. According to the man, she choked, scratched and slapped so hard he thought he was going deaf in one ear. She also allegedly threatened to stab him if he didn’t marry her.

Karoly told police that he hits her boyfriend during sex because “it makes it better.” She then told them, “I am a woman. How hard can I hit him?” Hard enough to be arrested and charged with domestic abuse, that's how hard. Her boyfriend says he’s afraid she’ll try to kill him.

If that happens, she’ll never get married.

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[via The Huffington Post]

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