Alright, this flesh-craving zombie shit has to stop. Now.

After trying to steal a clearance wig from a beauty shop, 38-year-old Lowpel Davis of New Haven bit a chunk of flesh out of the store owner's arm and spit it back in his face. After stuffing the $15 wig and "several other items" in her bag, Jongyol Lee and his 70-year-old father approached her. She responded by punching both of them in the face, then going to work with her teeth.

After she spit Lee's flesh back in his grill, the police were called. Davis continued to misbehave in the presence of authorities, allegedly biting her arresting officers. She was so wild in the police car that she had to be transferred to a windowless van. Davis was charged with sixth-degree larceny, a breach of peace, criminal mischief, assault, and two counts of assaulting police officers

She obviously needed that wig in the worst way.

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[via Daily Mail UK]

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