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We're sure whoever you're supporting in the 2012 presidential election is grateful for your ceaseless tweeting on their behalf, but how about you help them in a more tangible way? Chirpify, the "popular Twitter commerce platform," will now allow tweeters to donate money to either President Obama's or Mitt Romney's campaigns. 

According to the LA Times, Chirpfy's Twitter Fundraising for Politicians platform will let you donate money by tweeting either, "'Donate [an amount] to @BarackObama for Election 2012' or 'Donate [an amount] to @MittRomney for Election 2012'" after you sign up for an account. 

It's safe to say that donations-via-social-networks will become a major source of income in future elections. That said, seeing as how Facebook has many more users than Twitter, can we expect someone to figure out a way for Facebook users to do the same? 

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