Serving Queen Elizabeth and Prince Edward afternoon tea, and winning the United Kingdom's National Chef of the Year award made Neil Iron famous. Now he's on trial for serving children chocolate mousse spiked with ecstasy, and we doubt his "fame" will save him.

The 32-year-old Iron allegedly put that special something extra in a batch of mousse that was prepared for birthday party at a bar last fall. The following day, two toddlers ventured to the bar with their parents and ate some of the leftover dessert. As expected, they were soon rushed to the hospital.

Iron was arrested last October, and while he maintains that he would never put drugs in food, another person who attended the party and had some dessert claimed to have had an "out of body experience." It was later discovered that the dessert was laced with MDMA—better known as pure ecstasy. Oh yeah, Iron's past issues with cocaine won't help him in court, either.

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[via The Huffington Post]