Apparently, a teacher at Malibu High School made it through life without learning that you can’t always apply things seen in movies to real life. That is, until now. 9th-grader Dionne Evans told police her teacher slapped her in the face six times because she failed to bring her notebook to school last week.

The sadistic teacher made Evans stand in front of the class, then asked, “Did you see Bridesmaids?” and proceeded to unload the barrage of slaps. This stupidity is a reference to a scene from the slapstick comedy, where Melissa McCarthy’s character attempts to slap some sense into Kristen Wiig’s.

In the words of T.I., “That right there, that’s make believe.” The teacher has written an apology, but Evans’ family is considering legal action and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. is investigating. If the teacher is still employed, then the word is ending.

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[via TMZ]

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