Adam: It was inspired by some actual mushroom experiences we’ve had. I’ve tripped a few times. I’ve seen some weird shit on mushrooms: I’ve seen Suge Knight in a pot of plants before and freaked out. We didn't implement that, though. We wanted to keep it grounded and real and show how dumb these dudes can be while on drugs, and I think we pulled it off. We come off as fucking idiots. [Laughs.]

Blake: We were also having some problems with cockroaches in our house [which was also the set] and that kind of spawned it, like, what is the dumbest solution to this? Well, we could sleep at the office. But what do you do in a boring-ass office? At first we were like, you just go crazy, and then we thought to kick it up a notch, do some fucking drugs.

Anders: Regarding the cockroach, in the beginning of that episode, they find a cockroach in my ear and that sends us into camping in the office. On the day day we’re filming, our props dude rolls up with a jar and he’s like, “So here’s the roach,” and he’s got a jar full of earwigs, which are not roaches at all. He didn’t have any roaches, so we had to go in afterwards and dub over that it was like a baby cockroach. [Laughs.]

Adam: I was the the one dubbing the shit over, and for whatever reason we couldn’t match it properly, and it just goes, “Oh my God, it’s a [alters voice dramatically] BABY COCKROACH!” [Laughs.] If you got back you can hear it. We’ve had a lot of rat issues in the home, too. And there are a lot of ideas floating around about how to get these rats involved in the show.

Anders: Yeah, during Sweeps Week we know what we’re doin’.