Adam: Arnold Schwarzenegger was my hero growing up, and Hulk Hogan was my hero, and Jean-Claude, so these like giant, muscular, freak shows of dudes were like my heroes and I just always thought that it was the funniest thing, dudes with giant muscles just standing on stage flexing, so for me doing that episode and standing on stage and flexing and all that shit was like check that off the bucket list. Now I don’t actually have to work out all the time and do a competition. I’ve already done a fake one.

At first they like gave me a robe to walk around in because it’s just you with your dick stuck in this little Speedo and we shoot for like 12 hours, so like a solid 8 hours of that day I was in a Speedo, and for like the first couple hours I was in a robe all like wrapped up and then after that I was just letting it fly and it didn’t bother me at all. It was so bizarre being back stage with all the real body builders. They just did not give a fuck; they were pulling their dicks out and adjusting them in front of all of us, and you’re just like, “OK, nope, this is normal,” while they’re talking about how swoll each other look. It was incredible, so cool.