Anders: We rented out a mall, shut that bitch down. We had an escalator all to ourselves—now that’s Hollywood!

Adam: I think it might’ve been the first time we were on location and people found out and came there specifically to see us, which was pretty rad. It’s happened more season three but that was the first time because it was still pretty early on in season two.

We didn’t get to shut the entire mall down, though, just a certain section, so other sections were still going and for some reason we didn’t know that this guy had a band that would play on the 3rd floor at a certain time of the day and then they just like started rocking out for coins in front of the store, and so we had to quit shooting for like 20 minutes while this guy did like Dave Mathews Band covers.

Blake: And we got in trouble for the whales tails. A mall cop made some girl pull her pants up because she was wearing a whale tail.

Adam: He said it was inappropriate for the mall. Don’t worry, we got the shot.

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