Adam: Kevin Etten, our showrunner, knew and liked Battlestar Galactica and I think he was the one who felt Katie Sackhoff would be good as the homeless lady, and then she came in and she was really good, she was profesh as hell. People loved her—when the episode aired people flipped out on Battlestar, which is pretty cool. And we got to ride that horse and carriage up the freeway entrance. Even though we knew it wasn’t gonna go onto the freeway I immediately got terrified that the horses were gonna take off and suddenly we were gonna be on the 405 with two horses.

It was fun to shoot the music video, too. “I wanna suck, suck on your booooooobs!” I kept forgetting the lyrics, so I ended having a little piece of paper on the keyboard that I kept glancing down at and I think in a couple of takes you might see me like glancing down acting like I’m playing the piano when I’m, in fact, reading the words to “Suck on Your Boobs.”

Blake: And that dude is not Jakob Dylan, nor does he look anything like him.

Adam: We cast a Jakob Dylan lookalike and for whatever reason he didn’t look anything like Jakob Dylan. We kept him in a hat and glasses, so it might as well have been Karl in a hat and glasses. But we just thought it’d be cool if a random celebrity was helping me sing this song, and we thought Jakob Dylan might be one of the most random. Shout out to Wallflowers! Woo!