Adam: It was like 110 degrees in the Valley and they had me outside playing soccer with all of the construction workers while Ders and Blake look down at me from the window. I was pouring sweat because I was in a long dress shirt, undershirt, and black dress pants, and then we went down to shoot the scene afterwards, after I had been playing soccer for like 20 minutes, and Blake says his line to me and I just stared at him. They were calling out my line and I couldn’t even get a line out. I think I had a mild heat stroke. We had to put ice on my head and on my dick and my armpits—it was really intense. I don’t know if the medic just wanted to see if I would put ice on my dick or if it’s a real thing but he insisted that I put ice on my dick.

Blake: Having [Arrested Development creator] Mitch Hurwitz on the show as Fun Eric, that’s beyond a cool actor, a cool musician, 'cause that dude creates some of the funniest stuff. He's legendary status, and a lot of people wouldn't even recognize him just by looking at him, but just having a dude that is like that influential in the comedy world I thought that was really cool. And he was funnier in person if you could even believe it.

Adam: It was cool to have the guy who created Arrested Development, someone that big, sort of christen us and say, “You guys are talented and you guys are doing it right.” He didn’t say either of those things.

Anders: He didn’t talk to us.

Adam: He said it with his eyes, I think.

Anders: I don’t know if I have laughed harder on set. Mitch was just a fire hose of comedy, and he doesn’t break character, so you feel twice as stupid when you laugh because he looks at you in character and is like, “What are you laughing at? I’m just a person talking to you.” But the things that come out of his mouth are ridiculously funny. There was no point in trying to one-up him. I just went and sat in my car and put the hose into the tailpipe. The guys were like, “No, dude, you’re funny too,” and I was like, “Just let me go,” and then they were like, “Fine,” and then I was like, “Oh, fuck you guys,” and then I just went upstairs and continued the episode.

Adam: That was a weird moment for all of us.