We have it so easy these days. Who do you want to see naked? Scarlett Johansson? You got it. Rihanna? Right this way. Jessica Alba? Sure thing, as long as you don’t mind a baby bump. The Internet age has brought us unprecedented, immediately gratifying celebrity nudity. All you have to do is keep a handful of sites bookmarked and wait—sooner or later, the famous tail of your dreams will show up.

It wasn’t always like this, though. Old Hollywood actresses like Jean Harlow and Tallulah Bankhead took naked "art" pictures that were later made available, but it wasn't until Marilyn Monroe that the idea of truly unauthorized "leaks" came into play. A couple decades after her, Jackie Kennedy nudes would sweep the nation, and now we're to the point where two celebs can have nude leaks in one day and no one hardly bats an eye, as evidenced by the Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks scandals over the weekend.

Whether it's physical film that got into the wrong hands or a cell phone that got hacked, we've tracked every instance of celebrity nudes surfacing over that past 60 years. This doesn't include consensually published shoots or sex tapes, but there's more than enough jpeg evidence of this particular phenomenon. This is The Complete History of Nude Celebrity Photo Leaks.

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