“Who is the next Leonardo DiCaprio?” That question has plagued Hollywood directors and casting agents for years now, though sometimes Leo’s name gets replaced by Jake Gyllenhaal or the late Heath Ledger’s, and on the gender flip-side, women like Anne Hathaway or Michelle Williams. The answer doesn’t seem to reside in Zac Efron or any of his peers, unfortunately, since no one from his teenybopper sect has been able to consistently open new movies to whopping box office profits.

And, truth be told, not many of the industry’s statesmen are instantly lighting up ticket booths at theaters, either. Just because George Clooney’s or Brad Pitt’s name is on a marquee, that doesn’t mean the actor’s respective movie is going to break any cash registers. So, as a result, the concern seems to be more about performances, and that’s something young Hollywood is definitely capable of handling.

This weekend, in fact, one of the game’s most promising youngsters, Chloë Moretz (Let Me In, Hugo) is set to hold her own next to a typically nutty Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s Gothic horror-comedy Dark Shadows. It’s Depp’s show, no doubt, but the 15-year-old Moretz makes the most of her limited screen time, giving us even more hope that she’s on the verge of an award-caliber future—she surely has the necessary potential, like all the up-and-coming thespians included on our list of The 25 Best Hollywood Actors Under 25.

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

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