18-year-old Jacqueline Rivera of Redwood, Calif., has been charged with attempted murder after setting her ex-boyfriend's bed on fire while he slept. Rivera allegedly broke into the 21-year-old man's home and poured gasoline all over his bed after someone told her that he cheated on her.

The man's father was able to put the fire out with a garden hose, and police say that Rivera originally showed up at his window at 2 a.m., but was turned away. She came back an hour later and was sent away again, but around 5:45 the ex woke to discover his bed in flames. Police say Rivera fled the scene, but would later return again to "talk about their relationship."

Dude says he didn't name Rivera as a suspect because he didn't think he could prove it, but that was until he got a text from one of her friends saying she the culprit. The friend also called the cops, and Rivera was arrested at her home.

The ex-boyfriend suffered minor burns, and Rivera was charged with attempted murder, arson and residential burglary, but did not enter a plea when appearing in court. Her bail was set at $500,000, and she faces 10 to 15 years in jail if convicted.

Someone needs to sit this girl down and explain to her that there are other fish in the sea. That will person will presumably be a judge.

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[via Daily Mail UK]

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