When Team Meat first announced that they were working on a new version of Super Meat Boy for mobile platforms, they said it wasn't going to be the same as the game they released on Xbox 360 and PC. I believe their words were; "it won't be sh*tty port." Almost three months later, lead designer Edmund McMillen explained to Polygon how the two games differ.

"[The original] Meat Boy was a twitch-based game about memorizing things," said McMillen. "Meat Boy [on iOS] is the opposite. That's the foundation of its design. But it's also on a touch device, so there's that as well. We want to make a twitch-based platformer that's not about memorization."

McMillen himself likened the game to other iOS "running man" games like Canabalt and Bit.Trip.Runner.

Super Meat Boy for iOS also drops the 8-bit pixellation for a more cartoony art style. McMillen says that making the change has allowed the game to retain some of its grotesque charm.

"The more gentle and nice we make it look, the more vicious the story can be."

[Via Polygon]

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