With filming of the sixth season of Jersey Shore beginning today - May 22nd though July 7th, according to The Situation himself - a little tidbit of news has been released about the format of the new season: According to TMZ, Snooki won't be living in the same house as all of the other roommates, because "it's not worth it to be surrounded by boozy, loud roommates while pregnant." Instead, Snooki will be shacking up at a place nearby.

When you think about it, the decision does make sense - she'll be between six and eight months along during filming, and if she's going to do the show while pregnant, staying outside of the house is probably the most comfortable set up for everyone.

Still, this news - coupled with the fact that a The Situation is going to be sober since he recently completed a stint at rehab - will definitely make for a way different season than ever before. You know we'll be watching.

[via TMZ]