Quantic Dream, developers of Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy, will be unveiling one of two projects the studio is currently developing at Sony's E3 media briefing next week, according to CVG.

Quantic Dreams has been concurrently developing two separate projects, both of which will be Sony exclusives. According to the report, only one of the two games will be shown next week. The game being shown next week will be coming to PS3.

The second project could be for the Vita or the Orbis/PS4, though studio founder David Cage has said that he would "be happy designing PS3 games for the next five years."

Quantic Dreams unveiled a tech demo of their newest engine at GDC in March; the critically-lauded short, "Kara". It is possible the yet-to-unveiled game will utilize the "Kara" engine, but Cage has said that he that a fully-developed game based on the story of the video, which shows the process of an android becoming self-aware after being turned on, isn't in the cards.