Minecraft was released on Xbox 360 earlier this month, and one of the game's main draws is the ability to play splitscreen, something the PC version isn't capable of.

Unfortunately, though, players without an HDTV are unable to take advantage of this feature, a fact that wasn't advertised before they purchased the game.

It's understandable why the feature was left out for those on standard definition TVs, as if you've played splitscreen Minecraft you'll know that the inventory becomes almost too small to manage. But it still rankles that players weren't alerted to this stipulation.

Luckily, Microsoft has decided to be the good guys and offer full refunds to players without HDTVs. Contact Microsoft customer support if you feel you deserve a refund and, according to Kotaku, they just might oblige.

Did you get taken in by the lure of splitscreen Minecraft only to find your TV was too tiny and ancient? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.