You read that right. Google's latest groundbreaking product after delivering such awe-inspiring visions as HUD glasses and self-driving cars is... a desktop PC.

But, to the company's credit, it's not just any PC. The Chromebox, announced yesterday and built by Samsung, runs an updated version of Google's cloud-based Chrome operating system. And it's a "thin client" computer, meaning, like Apple's Mac Mini, it comes as a compact box that you can set up anywhere— monitor and keyboard/mouse excluded.

You could use a Chromebox to turn your flatscreen TV into a fairly robust cloud computer, or, if you're a business owner or very boring person, you could set one up as a low-cost, Google Apps-ready office PC.

Google is selling the Chromebox through Amazon and a couple other online electronics retailers for a starting price of $329.

[via Business Insider]