These are the first screens for Dark, a new 3rd-person stealth game from Dungeons developer RealmForge and published by Kalypso for Xbox 360 and PC. Based on the images and using our formidable expertise, we've deduced that:

  • You can kill things.
  • You wear a hoodie while you kill things.
  • The game is dark.

Thankfully, a press release received today cleared up a few more things, including the fact that you play a vampire out to unravel the secrets of the global GeoForge Corp.

There's stealth action, vampire abilities, cel-shaded graphics, stylized kills, and a global conspiracy to uncover—some of our favorite things this year.

Dark could be one to look out for, and we're looking forward to seeing a trailer. Let us know what you think of the premise in the comments or on Twitter.