At long last, rumors that the next Castlevania: Lords of Shadow  is in the work have been confirmed, though the game might not be exactly what you were expecting. According to scans from an upcoming issue of Nintendo PowerCastlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate will bring revived Castlevania series to the 3DS.

The news comes after months of rumors of a Lords of Shadow sequel, and more recent murmuring of a 3DS Castlevania game called "Mirror of Fate." That the two were actually the same game remained unclear.

According to the report, Mirror of Fate brings back Trevor Belmont, who players controlled in Castlevania III on the NES. Trevor will ditch the whip for the same "combat cross" weapon Gabriel Belmont used in the first Lord of Shadows

Unlike past handheld Castlevania games, Mirror of Fate will stick with the 3D brawling style established in the original Lords of Shadow. Also returning is the light-and-dark magic system, which lets players switch off between two types of spell to take down different types of enemies. Also returning are secondary weapons and an XP-based system for learning new combos and techniques.

Mirror of Fate will likely be among the games shown during Konami's pre-E3 showcase on Friday, and hit store shelves this Fall.

[Via GoNintendo]