DoTA (and future DoTA 2) fans know about Admiral Kunkka and his rum, but they probably don't about "Admiral Kunkka's Tidebringer Rum" as well as Kotaku reader and real-world designer Adam Beamish, because he recently designed a bottle of the stuff.

The real-world  version of Admiral Kunkka's Tidebringer Rum is 100 proof, so it's not for the faint of liver, and "is guaranteed to put a fire in your belly."

If you're not a MOBA player, Admiral Kunkka is a character from Defends Of The Ancients, (DoDA) the Warcraft III mod that started the whole MOBA craze. In the game, Kunkka's rum is an item that enhances units who consume it.

Both Admiral Kunkka and his rum will be returning in Valve's DoTA 2.

Listen here, Valve: If you're going to make promotional swag for DoTA 2, please make this. It wouldn't be the first time a company used booze to try and sweet-talk the gaming media.

[From Adam C. Beamish via Kotaku]