The horror genre has been alive, well, and in excellent shape for years now; of course, TV commercials and the trailers playing inside big-chain movie theaters would lead you to believe otherwise. Aside from the occasional mainstream genre film that’s undeniably great, such as Insidious and The Cabin in the Woods, the majority of horror flicks that receive the most attention are nowhere near as strong as many of the ones populating art-house cinemas, straight-to-DVD racks, and Video On-Demand platforms.

This weekend, in fact, yet another superb horror movie will open in limited release, and, unavoidably, go mostly unnoticed by those who don’t seek out the smaller options out there. Titled Lovely Molly, it’s directed and co-written by Eduardo Sánchez, one of the two guys responsible for 1999’s historic The Blair Witch Project.

This new film is a much darker, and, yes, scarier, piece of work, though; in it, Molly (newcomer Gretchen Lodge), a young, happy newlywed, moves into her old family cottage with her husband and gradually loses her mind, either due to a resurfacing drug habit or full-blown demonic possession. Deeply intense and devoid of any levity, Lovely Molly is the kind of horror film that’s sole intention is to completely disturb the hell out of viewers, a mission Sanchez accomplishes in spades.

If only more people were able to see it this Friday. Lovely Molly is just the latest example of a superior scary movie relegated to a theatrical release below too many folks’ radars. Which is the same fate met by the rest of the impressive writers and directors included within our following list of 10 Independent Horror Filmmakers You Should Know About. Your Netflix queue and iTunes library are about to get worked out.

Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

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