For those who never played it, Guess Who? is, yes, a guessing game that forces players to read their opponents' face and deduce the identity of the card that they're holding through a series of yes-or-no questions. You know who else likes these kinds of mind-bending puzzles? Christopher Nolan.

A small fortune and about a billion shares of studio stock later, we could have a psychological thriller based on Guess Who? directed by the man who did Memento. He could even cast Guy Pearce as the amnesiac forced to ask only yes-or-no inquiries to find the identity of his wife's killer. And in typical Nolan fashion, the big plot twist at the end can come from the fact that the amnesiac never even had a wife. Spooky stuff, right?

Sure, there would be a lot more gunfire and foul language than the original board game had, but if Nolan could save the Batman franchise from the neon-colored clutches of Joel Schumacher, he could probably turn Guess Who? into an Oscar contender.