As a decade, the '80s weren't all bad. A lot of us were born during it, after all. Other than that, though, it was pretty shitty. Unless you were on drugs, we're guessing. Aside from having the worst music, styles and US Presidents of the entire century, it also produced some of the most god awful video game covers of all time, and that even bled over into the early '90s.

The worst part is that these games were often so aesthetically primitive that their worlds could have been re-imagined in countless ways by talented artists and made into gorgeous box art, like, say, Out of this World was. What usually happened instead, though, was that whatever coked-up coder happened to be on cover art duty that week would whip up a generic-looking image of a shirtless barbarian with a lightning bolt behind him and some skank sprawled at his feet and call it a day.

That's what you have to look forward to over the next 50 slides. What are you waiting for?