Need proof that Poe had a sense of humor? Look no further than "The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether," the author's comical venture into an insane asylum. Unsurprisingly, Poe captures the insanity part particularly well.

Poe flexes his funny bone (in his own weird way) through this story of a traveler who visits a French mental institution. The head doctor, Monsieur Maillard, takes the narrator on a tour, warning him: "Believe nothing you hear, and only one-half that you see." The narrator is then invited to dinner at the insane asylum, where he's surrounded by a gang of strange characters who are all bizarrely dressed.

He learns that the asylum's previous method of treating patients, which allowed the patients to wander freely, was ultimately abandoned because the patients rebelled on the staff, capturing them and treating them as patients. He is also told that since the incident, no one has been allowed into the hospital, save for a "very stupid-looking young gentleman."

Poe's "crazy posing as sane" act is employed in many of his stories, but never so literally as it is in this crazy little tale of rebellious patients "tarring and feathering" the staff.