Teeth take on a gruesomely Gothic form in "Berenice," a strange little story about a man who marries his own cousin and reveals a creepy fetish for for her pearly whites.

His cousin, who he describes as a "fantastic beauty," is afflicted by a strange disease that causes her appearance to deteriorate, as well as sporadic catatonic episodes. While she suffers from this affliction, the narrator becomes obsessed with her teeth, which, somehow, have resisted the disease. In a particularly creepy scene, he describes how her teeth "disclosed themselves slowly to [his] view" and laments that he "never beheld them."

Berenice dies, and he later learns that her grave has been plundered and she was found still alive. He then becomes captivated by a box by his bed, and notices his clothes are caked in dirt. He opens the box and finds an even smaller box containing 32 "white and ivory-looking substances," which he realizes are his wife's teeth.

We didn't actually pull (pun totally intended!) anything from Poe's horrific tale, but we did Google-search "tooth fetish" and find that it has a name (odontophilia), and, apparently, it actually exists! So, there's that.