AMC is turning to Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman once again to bring one of his comic book properties to its airwaves. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has hired Kirkman to adapt a TV drama based around his recent series over at Image Comics, Thief of Thieves. The series revolves around a master thief who is in a constant struggle between his personal life and his unsavory professional life.

Kirkman will be reteaming with Walking Dead producer David Alpert on the project, and Chic Eglee, who has been a writer on both The Walking Dead and Dexter, will be brought in as the showrunner if Thief of Thieves evolves past a pilot. 

"Much like The Walking Dead brought horror to television in a unique and groundbreaking way, I feel Thief of Thieves can do the same thing for heist stories, showing the humanity of all the characters, including the criminals," Kirkman said in a statement on the site. "AMC recognizes the limitless ideas generated by the comic industry. Their dedication to bringing The Walking Dead to life as a TV show has been key to its success and I'm excited about the potential of Thief of Thieves to reach similar levels of success."

The series is still very early in development, so there is no word on the casting process or release date yet. To get a better understanding of the comic book series, you can check out our review of Thief of Thieves #2 right here.

[via The Hollywood Reporter