This time around, there actually may be about a bazillion guns at your disposal. So far, I’ve been able to sample a few manufacturers such as Dahl, Hyperion, Bandit, Vladof, Tediore, and Jacobs. Each manufacturer creates their own unique line of weaponry, from Jacob’s western-influenced rifles and pistols, to Tediore’s disposable guns, which when tossed, act like explosives. Vladof’s market is inspired by the Russian AK-47, so they’ll be providing. assault weapons and awesome sniper rifles. Not all guns are pretty though, as Bandit’s guns look handmade and consist of salvaged parts like glass bottles. Dahl seemed to carry the most realistic types of guns, such as the ones you would find in your favorite war game.

My favorite weapon so far however, is made by a company in the last game, called Maliwan, who manufacture both futuristic and elemental weapons. The Maliwan Surfiet Torment is a corrosive pistol that’s effective against armored enemies; this small gun has saved my life on numerous occasions, and should not be overlooked. Along with corrosive weapons that burn your opponents with acids, there are also guns that freeze them, and of course guns that set them ablaze. I can say that no matter how many guns I picked up, none were the same exact model. I’m not sure if this will stay the same throughout the entire game, but not seeing the same items over and over during my experience was definitely a nice change.