This is just all the way fucked up.

A Corona, Calif., pastor and two other men were arrested on Tuesday for allegedly kidnapping and torturing a 13-year-old boy in a discipline mission gone horribly wrong. The teen's mother brought him to a Heart of Worship Ministry men's group to address behavior issues after he was accused of molesting another kid. 

22-year-old Nick Craig and 28-year-old Darryll Jeter took the kid to Barstow and forced him to dig a grave. Next, they beat him with a shovel, tortured him, and allegedly pepper-sprayed him for good measure. While the boy was half-buried, they threatened to kill him before finally taking him to Pastor Lonnie Remmers' home for a pliers-pinching session.

Is this a men's group or the mob? Anyway, the three men were held on $1 million bail. The Lord will not have any mercy on their souls.

[via LAist]

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