As Halo fans, we're probably more excited than we should be about the prospect of seeing what a Grunt's mouth looks like. In past games, the little bastards have always had their faces covered by elaborate breathing apparatuses.

In Halo 4, apparently, those contraptions have been moved to their noses, leaving their toothy grins on display for the first time that we know of. It's kind of gross.

There are other subtle differences in many of the characters' designs as well. Check out the screenshots and tell us what you can discern in the comments or on Twitter.

Given the events of Halo 3, we were sort of hoping to be fighting new enemies in Halo 4 rather than the same old Covenant forces. Of course, they've yet to reveal everything, so there's still a possibility they'll introduce a new force. Hell, maybe the Elites and Grunts will once again be our allies.

[via Gaming Bolt]